Hurst Park Systems


Our Services


The services we provide fall into two camps:

  • Supporting services for our flagship product line HPS LightTouch™.
  • Ad-hoc 3rd party consulting and development services, utilising our past experience and industry know-how.

Happy Support Staff When supporting HPS LightTouch™ our interest is in ensuring customers receive the easiest on-boarding experience possible. To this end, we aim to provide intuitive documentation and instructions to help customers get up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

To smooth the process of deploying our system, we can provide a trial system for 45 days free of charge, enabling customers to try out every feature without harming their own data. Where customers encounter difficulties entering data into their live system, we can assist with ad-hoc training or practical help to correct issues that arise.

New Proposal Discussion Where customers have a development need outside the scope of HPS LightTouch™ we are pleased to quote for developing a new system, amending an existing system or providing ancilliary services, such as training and investigative services. For a recent example of the type of software we can provide take a look at HPS LightTouch™ here.

If it is not within our skill-set to assist you, we will respectfully say so, and may even be able to suggest a source of the skills you require.